Welcome to Massage for Couples where you can learn how to give a great massage to your partner and how to enjoy one in return.

There are various types of massage techniques for both therapy and pleasure. Couples that learn how to give a massage to each other can deepen their intimate bond and dramatically improve their relationship and their health. Massage benefits include:

  • stress reduction and relief of muscle tension
  • improved blood flow to nourish and heal muscle and bone
  • stimulate circulation reduced due to illness such as diabetes
  • improve sensual stimulation leading to increased sexual satisfaction
  • strengthen your intimate connection with your touch
  • emotional rejuvenation, improved physical vigor and a more youthful appearance
  • help prevent illness even certain types of cancer

Our blog will provide massage tips while reviewing various types of massage guides to help you learn to massage your partner and each other together. I am not an expert in massage yet but I have a personal reason to learn myself. My wife has fibromyalgia causing chronic pain – extreme at times. It is mysterious disease with various symptoms combined. If you are in a similar situation, you know that the comforting of your physical touch may not relieve all the pain but, without it, the emotional toll of the disease can be devastating.

And of course the various levels of pain you or your partner experiences can definitely impact your sex life. But, rather than massage being a substitute for sex in these situations, sensual and intimate massage can dramatically improve your sexual experience together. While learning to touch each other in new ways, you will begin to notice and appreciate how your partner’s body responds to each massage technique. It is incredibly rewarding for both of you to perform and receive healing, romantic and intimate massages.

I look forward to this journey of discovery and hope you will join me.